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Woodbridge HS Class of 1970 50th Reunion


September 25, 2021

(See Reunion Info Button for Details)


Celebrating 50 years. Let's get this party started!



  50th Reunion Pics


Planning a Reunion

With this website you can easily plan and manage your reunion. 


With today’s Social Media the days of having to spend money for outside agencies in planning your reunion are gone.


There are other non-costly ways of spreading the word and getting people engaged and excited about attending their reunion.


Creating a Facebook Group page is one way, but you need another tool that works along with your Facebook page. That way is a website that can collect the payments, engage your classmates and get everyone excited about attending your reunion.


This website will do all that. This website is being offered for use to High School Reunion committees at a very affordable price. If you were to pay someone to build this website it would cost upwards of $5,000, but we are making this website available to you for rent at a very small monthly fee that can easily be absorbed into the reunion cost charged to your guests.


This website will improve on your guest count and make the management and planning of the reunion very easy.


Many High School Reunion committees have used this website and/or are in the process of using it for their upcoming high school reunion planning.


Contact Us for a tour and a quote on using this website for your upcoming reunion


John Pizzolato
JP Website Development Group